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2015 Download Man is back, but he lost most his old software archives, however he has refound a lot of software and updates that are even more impossible to find now then they ever were before. Soon he hopes to do a major update to this site adding a lot more downloads. Thank you for visiting..
You should check the Link below and visit that site for The Mac PPC Equvalant of DownloadMan's World.

Power PC Mac OSX 10.5.8 Support Page

<Dev. Tools> development tools, rare Java environments for  Windows, Palm Os, Misc  stuff.
<Old Win Software> Windows only rare and hard to find software. Win 3.1x Etc.
<WinAtari Software> Atari ST, Mac, Apple 2, and Amiga software for windows, and dos. Image Viewers, Disk Explorers, Format Converters, Etc..  
<The Rest>  Is just some useless rambling, enjoy..

All Broken Links fixed, Will focus on adding other software. 2013
You'll find why I'm called downnload man soon enough. I have everything freeware from ages ago that nobody else has, even versions of software that when you go to a homepage of the software they list the latest avalible version for download in somecases I have a later versoin then the one the developer has up for download.
Look forward to many estranged, lost, unavailable, downloads.. At DMW nothing is sacred or forgotten.. Pending there are no copyrighted infringements with the software or it's trademarks.. Illegal cracked or hacked full versions of pay for use software will not be made available. This is not an abandonware site.. We deal mostly in no longer supported operating systems. Such as for unavailable updates, enhancements, addon's, development environments, etc.. Windows  3.x 98 2K XP, Palm OS 3.x 4.x 5.x, Smartphones = X "not supported"..  Check Back Often.. All available downloads will be decided apon by site owner..

"Broken Links" Problem has been corrected 06-02-2009.
Broken Links Are Still Broken, opps. 2013 

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