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Not So Lame Hacks

Rom Hacks

If you came looking for a complete overworld hack of Zelda 1, a awesomely done graphics hack of Super Mario Bros, an actual translation of a Japanese Game, or crude 8-bit nudity an foul langauge, You Might be disappointed. And Somehacks Make it here Just because We Wanted them and got permission for it.

At Not So Lame Hacks we serve all Rom Hackers, not just one Community or Type of Hack.   

Disclamer as of Today Dec 31 2017 we are nolonger accepting hacks containing Adult contents, that incudes Nudity, Foul langauge, etc. There are other places for those BHDN, or your more clean non-offensive non-gender specific non-Muslim or Religious hacks RHDN, here we want to host hacks that do not fit those places.

Although we are not Liable for the contents of Hacks found on this site we did not make them we host them as a free service for all who want them. Regardless of what they may or may not contain Rom Hacks found here are what the Author's intended them to be and nothing else..

As Some General Guide Lines, your hack should be in the Form of a Patch, *.ips, Xdelta, etc, and include a readme that at least states what game it applies to, Rom ISO Info such as Nointro names or hashes is not required but it is sugested, also your hack should be stored some where online for downloading as an Archive Zip, Rar, 7z, Etc. We do not and will not accept Email Attachments or Roms..

If you would like your hack hosted on Not So Lame Hacks, Email links to "sendhacks at" along with the title of the hack, the name of the hacker or hackers, some info, and maybe some screen shots, We are willing to take screen shots of your hack, so those are not required, it is optional. Currently Only Two Images per hack will be displayed on site due to the limits of free Storage. Although we do have an amount of off site Hosting Space were we can get Direct links, images for now are hosted on Tripod and we don't Pay for the Site. If there are Multiple Patches of a hack and Significant changes are in order extra Images may be considered on a case by case basis, but are left to our own discretion.
We will However Host hacks til we run out space, but if submission become flooded it could take sometime for your hack to appear on site, so please be Patient.  



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