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Projected Future Plans
Dos Win3x Software
Old Win Software
Dev. Tools
WinAtariMac Software

Not Projects Projected Results, of my dabling with a few programs that may become that of what is know as a Project.

Known inhibitors are such as Crap Draw 2 Yo for Palm OS hand helds, aswell as Toy Phone both are copyrighted 2005-2009. And ahere as trademarks of Download Man, Exspecially for the name Crap Draw 2 Yo which is a registered trade mark.. Both remain unreleased, no one has source or excutables of either program besides me, Download Man. I plan to upload those very soon.
Other Stuff planed for this site, fixing those broken links, loads of new stuff that I couldn't find way back then that I would like to add. You'll find why I'm called downnload man soon enough. I have everything freeware from ages ago that nobody else has, even versions of software that when you go to a homepage of the software they list the latest avalible version for download in somecases I have a later versoin then the one the developer has up for download.
Much Much Much More Coming Very Soon

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