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The Image of my Hack that they sold on Ebay
I did not make this myself I stole the image of it.

I may add some Patches back to this site I am kind of obligated to host them on here, at least for one hack I was asked to host it here by a friend of mine, and for another one I had gotten permission to host it, so those two will probably go back up.

You may recognize one my hacks, I have made hundreds but the 30 or so good ones were released and I had about 25 or more not so bad hacks that I abandoned it's just I never did and still don't have the time to work on them.

I am not even the same person anymore, if I were to make a hack now I would polish it a lot more with Graphics, Text, Levels, Palette Swaps, Coding, a lot of stuff I never really did with any my hacks before. Heck I don't even like the looks of my best ones.

I did once make in onto to a NES Cartridge or well at least one my hacks did, I don't really have any prof though I wish I would have bought it at the time when they were selling it on Ebay or that I would have at least saved the webpage but all I keep was a image of the Cart with the Label on it so for all you know I could have made it myself, but I didn't they really sold it on Ebay for 39.95 too they had two copies of it listed at the time.

Anyway other than Romhacking I'm also known for Modding PC games that is for Fallout 3, Fallout NV, and Fallout 4, but I had Modded games like Diablo 1 back in the days when I had the complete strategy guide book and tools you can't find nowadays. I swear I once made Diablo Spawn let you go beyond level 4, but it crashed my computer. I also found the cow level on Diablo 1 it really exist, LMAO, Really and no Hellfire I never played that game.

Also if you ever played a Mod of Hot Rod - American Street Drag I might be the guy that Made it AFAIK I'm the only person who has ever Modded that game for the PC. You Should check The Nexus it's called the Zero Hours Parts Installing Mod and forces you to have to race your car in order to progress in the game.

Right Now I am totally into M.U.G.E.N, the whole reason for this site to exist now, so anyway there will soon be more downloads and hopefully the first Beta of our upcoming Work in Progress Game Mod will be here soon, no hints as to what it is though, sorry. It's not spectacular but your sure to love it.. Comeback Soon.. it could be here at any Second.

The said hacks are back already but they never actually went anywhere because this is still the same website with a new name and new face.

You may wonder why everything is yellow it's because I'm a Banana.:>

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