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This is for the lastest News of the Site.
1. I just got up 3 New Awesome Hacks
Donner Party - Folie A Dix
Three Faggots - The Battle Of Red Dicks
Donkey Kong Stripped Princess
2. I just got up all the Stuff I wanted for my Shrine Of Disch
NotSo Fatso
iNES Header Checker
FF Virtue Shop
Final Fantasy Tribute Demo
And His Document on a Extended Nintendo Sound Format
3. I made like a minor change but I looked over everything and I think the rest should be okay for now unless I get notified to remove something which has not happpened yet as we are on Lycos so nobody really notices. I did go back to 2 Column Pages for Hacks they just fit the websites pages better. Except for Donner Party.   

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