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Title: Zelda Graphix
Author: Klowneer
Hack of: Legend of Zelda, The (U).nes
Platform: NES
This is an old Graphic's Patch I Made for Zelda back when I was working on my own Zelda Hack, Known As Zelda Tech Junk. Basically this can be applied over any Normal Zelda or even Some Hacks that don't have thier own updated Graphic's. My own Zelda Hack just didn't turn out as well and is filled with bugs. So I am giving you the grapix that I stole from a Gameboy Color Game also these Graphic's are not from the Gameboy Zelda the game I stole them from had some Zelda Like Graphic's but wasn't actually a Zelda Game it was a RPG Game.
There are some more Graphic's in the patch then what is shown in the Below Screen Shots.  



The Patch

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