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The only thing is I hate that I am forced to use Windows for making my Hack, I would much rather be on my Mac. Unfortunately Hex editing isn't really there for Mac, and although I have YYchr .net installed and working on my Mac it just doesn't work like it does for windows, the functionality is off, when you try to copy and paste it pops up this window that ask you bazaar crap and after it paste it ruins the Graphic instead of copying it exactly as it appears as it does on Windows. So if you are going use YYchr on your Mac don't get the .net version. The C+ version works like normal. I am guessing the .net version has some enhanced features for Mac that aren't available for windows but it's not even made for Mac. There is a whole window of settings that shows up when you click paste on your Mac.

The YYchr .Net Extra Window That Shows Up On A Mac

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To Prove It is Installed On and Working on my Mac

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YYchar .Net also looks a bit different on a Mac

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