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I did it I started romhacking again only for one game though mostly because I found that someone fixed the text of the game in a Final Fight 3 Deluxe version, so I decided to refashion my old Final Fight 3 Preview Hack from long ago that had some residual updates to Final Fight 3 for NES that nobody was aware of because it's never really been released to the Masses. Like I had made a new Oil Drum and a new Car License Plate for my hack Final Fight 3 Preview, and I had updated "that is changed the text" of an in-game sign post for level 4. In my version all the characters and players have different Names too, this will be true for my new hack as well only updated slightly I am also tweaking the Deluxe Version as Much as I can for my new Hack and I plan to further change the Palettes. Also I am leaving behind the vulgar language and ugly text changes that were in the old version of my Final Fight 3 Preview hack. I have altered the text in a new fashion anyway. I am thankful that the Deluxe Version fixed the Text of the Game "Without which I could not have fit the Name of my Most Valuable Player into the Game" So I owe some Credit and Praise to the Author of the Deluxe version and I hope I can get their permission to release my Hack on

My hack of the game will be a totally different game compared to the existing Deluxe version anyway. It's already shaping into a nice hack although my Character Jaxson did not want to be called that at all he tried to resist the change. He really didn't want to be called JAXSON at all, but he eventually got the hang of it. Before you ask no he is in no way Related to or based on Michael Jackson, JAXSON is just a Name I made up to Replace The Former Character Johnny.

Anyway that is about it for Now I don't want to give away too Many details like the name of my Female MVP Character. Overlook the screen shots for now these are preliminary changes I haven't added everything yet. it'll still be awhile before release because I just started putting the puzzle back together and I really hope to get permission first too.

I copied my Windows Hex Editor over to my Mac and started using my Mac for working on my Hack, and all my Palette changes so far took with out messing up the game. I first thought I had messed up DEAN's Palette but it turned out that he was just updated for The Deluxe version for some reason I switched him back to the original version for my Hack mostly because I want him to look a certain way in my hack anyway and his name is different too. I used Neon in my old Hack but I am going change that now to the original name for him that I wanted to use even way back then from an old friend of Mine. Before you jump to conclusions this is not any reference to Journey to the West, he is wearing Purple and his name is Monkey based on a friend of mine known as the Purple Monkey. Now he is in Final Fight 3 At long last.

Thanks to VisitntX who found an Infinite Energy code for the game I am able to also play through and beat the entire game, so this will be a complete hack.

While I was playing my old Hack I noticed something else I had done that I forgot about I had made the Headlights of those Cars that I made the New license plate for Headlights flash in-game, so I added this feature to my new hack too. This Feature existed in the original game I just had reversed it for my Hack so it showed up at an earlier Stage.

Then I broke the Text when I added the Purple Monkey into the story lucky I managed to Fix it. I think it even works better now than before I broke it.

I decided to name my forth and final Player Hedgehog, after FuriousHedgehog who Made the Deluxe version of Final Fight 3, I hope he doesn't mind, I have yet to correct Mayor Hedgehog for the story though, but I think that is all I'll do for today, I have changed the names and palettes for other enemies and bosses already too, I just haven't taken their screenshots. Oh and I found out where and how the Text "Weapon" is used in the game I'm thinking of how I can use it.


Dean In The Final Fight 3 Pirate Original




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Dean in Final Fight 3 Deluxe




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And Finally The Purple Monkey




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