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Vista's Paintown Characters and a Mod

Paintown characters and enemys by DotieTheBear @DotieTheBear

The Below Chars and Mods are Copied from the Source Forge Code Repository, And were either Made by Jon Rafkind and such or were donated to Paintown.

This is some unused or mostly unfinished Players from the graveyard. "Ginzo" he is fully Playable, but he likes to grab people especially women. Then there is an earlier version of "Goku" he doesn't have any special moves and lastly there is "Blade" from Bad Dudes but all he can do is walk he has no current attack animations.

This is another version of the "Blade" Player Character from above there is not much changed but it has a Gif image that has other Sprites for Blade that one may use to Finish him as a Fully Playable Character. AFAIK.

One Must Fall has a single Player Character called "Jaguar" I've not tested this one yet but he seems to be a Finished Character.

Last but not Least the infamous Wolfburg Mod is a Mod of Paintown that you can play that has different levels and Enemies in it they are mostly taken from Paintown's Roster of Players so if you ever wanted to battle against Blanka an such you can do so in this Mod, it too has some extra remaps "That is palettes" for some of Paintown's Characters and Players. Enjoy..

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