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This is not for my hack called Dragon Destiny but is the original Dragon Destiny Hack by OLDIE FIX '98 PRODUCTION as it is what inspired me to make a more complete Hack in the first place and I felt terrible when I found that Zophar's Domain had removed this hack in Favor of mine. So I went back in time and recovered the Lost Patch. He had 3 different Main Chars and something that I didn't think of in My Hack. I may even use his Concepts in an Updated Version of My Dragon Destiny, which is what my version of Destiny Of a Emperor was suppose to be Called, not Dragon Destiny but if not for OLDIE FIX 98 there wouldn't even have been a My Dragon Destiny Hack, That got Named as the defacto Dragon Destiny I guess because my Title Screen.

So this page is Dedicated to OlDIE's hack of Destiny of a Emperor that I think he may have meant to be called Destiny of a Dragon. According to the Title Screen. Apply His Patch over Destiny of an Emperor (U) [!].nes

If you want to get my Improved Hack AKA Dragon Destiny that has Dragon Warrior Monsters as random enemy encounters, a New Title Screen, A Talking Slime, and some minor Text Changes. You should head over to or Zophar's Domian and look in their NES hacks sections.




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