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This is my website for my hobby of making my own games and Romhacks for Various systems and platforms, I am currently working with NESMaker, Retro Puzzle Maker, and The 8bit Workshop IDE, as well as Paintown and Ikemen Go.

Most my stuff is on the back burner right now, I am mostly geared toward making my own games, demos, or example roms, and maybe some NES graphic's but I still do occasional Romhacking stuff.

Romhacking isn't all that I want to be known for anymore. I plan to do much more impressive things, that is if we all survive the next failed Election of Donald Trump..

Thank You For Visiting My Site.

My M.U.G.E.N Mods So Far. I really did it this time I got 300 Character Slots to display on the Screen to bad I couldn't decrease the size of the cursor box, but the slots seem to work, 300 slots is probably the limit of what I can do with out the use of the Big Motif, however this like the others can have more Character slots they just will not display on screen. Just Edit the Number of Rows in the system.def inside the data folder. Enjoy.

I still couldn't get Ikemen Go 0.0.52 to use the Big Motif, but I learned some new tricks today and extended the amount of Char slots I could have on screen to 108 char slots or just 99 depending on what version you want to use. I had to remove all the chars because it seems anything over 10mb I have a hard time uploading and it was 37mb the below versions are just 11mb having only one character Mac OS-X Siam that I found on the Internet Archive. Why I made this it's the last version of Ikemen Go that I can find that works on my Macbook Air with Bigsur, so if you are using it on Mac it might come in handy. Is for beginners or lazy people who just want more char slots. You could probably use the settings in this for other M.U.G.E.N's but it's not needed because most will use the Big Motif. With these you can add more character slots but they will not appear on the screen. For instance just change "rows = 9" to "rows = 18" in the system.def that is in the data folder and you can have 216 character slots instead of just 108, Enjoy.

Note: Sometimes when starting this version of Ikemen Go it exits the Program and doesn't start up, so you have to restart it again sometimes more than once. Is just a bug of Ikemen Go 0.0.52, this happens on Windows and Mac.

Ikemen Go 300 Character Slots

Ikemen Go 273 Character Slots

Ikemen Go 108 Character Slots

Ikemen Go 99 Character Slots

Ikemen Go 96 Char Slots

Thank you for visiting our site..