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Donner Party
Legend Of Iowa
Three Faggots
Donkey Kong Stripped Princess
Zelda Graphix
Girls Baseball Hack
Destiny of a Dragon
Osama AssAssin
1944 English Menu
Stuck In A Pipe
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This if where you will find my Latest Patches for Nes, Gameboy, Gameboy Color, SNES, etc. Games. Thanks for Visiting.
NES Patches

The Ultimate Stuntman "Mapper 30 Patch"

Kiteretsu Dai Hyakka "Girl Version Patches"

Jackal MMC3 Mapper 4 Patch

1943 MMC3 Patch

Klowneer's Marble Madness Patches

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Choujin Sentai - Jetman Patch)

Monster Killer (Zombie Hunter Japan Patch)

Ninja Gaiden 4 (Ninja Crusaders Ryuuga Japan Patch)

Obama Nation (Zombie Nation Patch)

Obiden Nation 1st Alpha Ver. (Zombie Nation Patch)

Pac-Man Menu Patch for the (NesDev Forbidden Four Multi-cart Menu)

GameBoy Patches
Other Systems Patches

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