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GoodNews it turns out I don't have to get Permission to use Said Characters for my Mod, the original Mod Author doesn't own them their graphics "that I'm using" were just ripped from Resident Evil unlike M.U.G.E.N Chars, Paintown Characters just use Sprites that are in separated .Png files, along with your animation coding in a text file. That I had to create myself, I still will Credit the Original Mod Author in my credits though because without him My Mod wouldn't be possible at all.

So now you know I am making a Resident Evil Mod of Paintown. Not really so far I am just using a Character from RE on my Players Roster. One the other Players I have is a Skeleton. Then there is a Female, a Boxer, and a Fighter. Those three I haven't really implemented yet though because I've been pretty busy. Anyway I've said too much. 08-27-2022

This is for my own Paintown Mod I was going do a beta release but I have since started work on a Total Conversion of someone else's existing Mod of Paintown, their Mod of Paintown it's self had about 22 separate players "characters" I don't know if there is a updated version with more Characters or Players as it's no longer Available for download online and the Author has since moved on to other things that do not involve the PC versions of Paintown, but anyway in the version I have many of the Players were broken and unplayable, I did manage to update and fix most of the none working ones all except 4 players in the end I got lazy and didn't feel like rewriting the code for the last four from scratch because that is what they seem to need. In my Mod I made two unused Characters to be Players one in particular Player has become my Favorite and will most likely become one the Main Characters of my Mod. I really hope the original Author doesn't mind, I am not trying to claim credit for his work, I am just using the resources I found for Paintown to make my own Version, and I will be sure to include him in the credits too. My Mod currently has 4 players none of which are in the original Mods Roster, two were unused or rather unfinished chars from it and the other two come from regular old Paintown and were also unfinished or unused. Other than that in addiction to the 11 Levels or Stages of the original Mod my Mod has added 3 more Stages to it so far. As I said I don't know if there is an updated version of the original Authors Mod for PC or not I have no way of knowing as he doesn't seem to make Mods for the PC version anymore. AFAIK, and I can't really share his Mod that I have with you that wouldn't be nice but you can find it somewhere if you look hard enough I did. I'm not going release the fixed chars for you though, you are on your own for that. I will be releasing the two unused Chars and maybe another Player in my Mod though without permission but my finished Mod will have a different Theme, different Players, different Chars, different Logos "Loading Screens" and Totally different Stages it already has 3 of them. I have already removed some the Original Players from my Mod and I plan to remove all of them except maybe one Player that I had to rework and code myself. He may become a 5th Player in my Mods Roster. However as all this will take sometime to finish it will be a long while before my Mod is released. Believe me it'll be well worth it in the end.

That is about all there is for now I don't want to give away too many details and I can't upload any screen shots because I am on my Mac and Firefox doesn't support adding them with Trellix.

Maybe I'll eventually try and get permission before releasing it who knows. Luckily nobody knows about this site yet.

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