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So let's Sum it up. My Works in Progress are.
Unknown Gameboy Color hack
Mr. and Ms. Pac-man Sega Master System Redux
A Unnamed Final Fight 3 Deluxe Nes Total Conversion Hack
A Final Fight 3 Nes Palette Locations Document
Untold Visual Novel Nes Translation Project
Paintown Engine PC Game Mod has unknown relation to a RE character.

I just found a Gameboy Color Game that I had to hack, and then I've been trying to find time to update my one Sega Master System Hack for SMS Power, Mr. and Ms. Pac-man then I hope to hack some more SMS games in the near future.

There is a lot of Dialog in this GBC game that I'll have to change as I already added my Character as the Main Protagonist for the intro. Thus overwriting the names of the 5 default characters that show up all through out the game and in-game dialog, so now I have to replace them all to match my altered story. The text of the game seems to have plenty of Room although the formatting is a little off in places but it's not do to my hacking, the unaltered game has the same issues. Then there is the current problem of correcting the checksum that is off at the moment because I hacked the Game.

No screenshots, sorry it's to early in progress and I don't want to spoil what game it is I'm hacking til it's done anyway. Works better that way. Awe the Mystery..

The Romhacker Me Lives Again, we never die we just grow trees, that we planted five or so years ago that still haven't grown any fruits or maybe they have.

My Paintown Mod is on the back burner and I think I am going take awhile with my new Final Fight 3 Nes Hack, I was playing the SNES version of Final Fight 3, I actual beat that game too, and I took notes of a few things. Then I had started halfway through taking down locations of the Palettes of the Players and some the Enemy's while making my FF3 hack so I think I might later fashion a more complete version of that info into a Document for the game.

So I have a lot eggs in the Basket, At the moment. so slow progress is a new normal for me, but I'll still get there even if it's at a snails pace, I'll win that race. The End

Shh.. Secretly I have for a long while been working on a Nes Visual Novel translation project with another hacker or rather famous translator from The Whirlpool, but as it is not my project I can't show you anything until it's finished. Don't tell anyone, you know nothing..

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