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Title: Three Faggots - The Battle Of Red Dicks
Release: 2022
Updated: June 13th 2023
Hacking: Klowneer AKA, Me_Dave, S.K. Dumbbus, etc.
The Names, Title, and well Story: Jackass
Hack Of: Chik Bik Ji Jin - Saam Gwok Ji (CN-20) (Tw) [!].nes
Platform: NES
Special Thanks: Jackass, and "BHDN"
This hack started as my attempt to fix a few things with what I thought was a really cool untranslated NES Game, then I found it had already been fully translated into english so my fixes where illrelvent, but all was not lost after making a post on BaddestHacks.NET show casing my changes it was suggested that I change it into what became known as possibly one my Baddest ever hacks "Really it was the colabration of two baddestass hackers although I did all the hacking as suggested so far" Three Faggots - The Battle Of Red Dicks. I certainly had fun making it. For this hosting I decided to update it for 2023. So there is a Updated Patch that has a few minor Changes.
Originally I updated the GO Arrow Indicator, added text to a ingame sign that say's "Beware of Crash" cause the game occasionally can crash on you, changed the ending that stopped at a big Question Mark that just said "Staff" to say "Try Again" and I translated or fixed the Names of the Players on the Player Select Screen. Then as Suggested I changed the names and Fixed The Title Screen. In the 2023 Updated Patch I changed the text for 1 Player and 2 Players to 1 Faggot and 2 Faggots, and on the player select screen I updated their names there to Doo, Gay, and Coom so it reads Doo Gay Coom. lol
The things you should note is this is not a translation and when you start the game don't press any buttons after you press start on the title screen or you will miss the Player Select Screen. Once you select your player then you can press any buttons you want. Also you can use cheat codes from but the only one known to work is the Infinite Lives Code.

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2023 Updated Patch

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2022 Original Patch

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